About KFA

KFA is committed to building healthy and prosperous communities. 

Our approach is to bring together teams of associates with the precise skills our clients need for the task at hand.

We are urban connectors offering consulting services in the development of strategy, government relations and policy, platforms to engage the community and stakeholders in sustainability and leadership to build strong governance platforms for effective partnerships.

Led by Karen Farbridge, Guelph’s former mayor of 11 years and over twenty-five years of experience in leading complex multi-stakeholder initiatives, KFA works with communities, businesses and governments interested in building sustainable urban communities that are equally focused on generating economic prosperity and building people-friendly spaces.

All levels of government and the private sector, particularly those involved in sustainable urban development and community energy, will benefit from the experience, knowledge and leadership that KFA, and their collaborators, can bring to their project.

KFA's greater purpose is to protect the planet's natural diversity from the impact of climate change by building energy conscious and sustainable communities in Canada.