Garforth International llc

October 21, 2019


Peter Garforth

Garforth International llc (GIL), a consultancy specializing in energy master planning and climate change mitigation, was founded in 2003, and is led by Mr. Peter Garforth.  GIL has been collaborating with other technically proficient companies and individuals over the past several years.  In doing so, they have developed a comprehensive approach to energy management planning, backed by decades of high-level experience and world-class expertise. The driving focus of the consultancy is to develop integrated energy management plans for a diverse group of clients ranging from large-scale industrial corporations; private commercial, retail, and residential developments; universities and community colleges; and entire cities and regional communities.  GIL specializes in developing cost-effective solutions that can deliver breakthrough energy and climate productivity. They advise customers on competitive, integrated approaches that reduce the economic and environmental impact of energy use, utilizing detailed analytical costing and forecasting platforms.