Connecting People, Ideas and Communities

We are all about connecting. One of the best ways of connecting is through organizations that dedicate themselves to various aspects of sustainability and community health. We value the work of these organizations as a core part of what we do, and support them as much as we can. This can include sitting on their board, being a facilitation partner, authoring reports, speaking to members or collaborating on a project.

The following are organizations we are a part of: 


QUEST is the leader developing Smart Energy Communities that improve energy efficiency, enhance reliability, cut costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Karen Farbridge currently serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors. 

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Sustainable Energy Initiative

Sustainable Energy Initiative The Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University builds and strengthens research, education and skills for students and professionals in energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy sources and community energy planning.  As an Adjunct Professor and member of the SEI, Karen has taught a graduate course in Community, Energy and Planning...

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Women for Nature

Women for Nature Women for Nature is a collaboration of 150 professional women to protect Canada's natural heritage and inspire young leaders for nature.  Read an interview with Women for Nature Member, Karen Farbridge.  

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