Some Other Projects

Accelerating Integration of Energy and Land-use Planning

We collaborated on the development of a professional development course for land-use planners to support their engagement in the practice of community energy planning with the Sustainable Energy Initiative at York University, the Ontario Climate Consortium and QUEST.

Promoting Energy Literacy

We collaborated with GreenLearning Canada to design and conduct a feasibility study to engage highschool students as energy managers in their school community.

Accelerating Energy Retrofits in Vaughan and York Region

We are collaboratedwith the Ontario Climate Consortium to build the policy and business case for local improvement charges as an energy retrofit financing tool in the City of Vaughan and York Region. We led a Design Thinking Workshop to assess the risk of using property-assess financing to promote the uptake of residential energy efficiency retrofits.

Ontario Climate Consortium: On the Path to Net Zero

We collaborated with the Ontario Climate Consortium and Community Energy Knowledge-Action Partnership (CEKAP) to learn from public and private sector leaders in the transition to low carbon communities. Five case studies were published with financial support from the Places to Growth Implementation Fund. We love learning from the innovators.

Columbia Institute: Ramping Up Low Carbon Communities

Top Asks


We led a best practice review of national, provincial and territorial policies and programs that enable climate action by local government. Our findings, including a survey of Canadian local governments leaders were provided in Top Asks For Climate Action: Ramping Up Low Carbon Communities. We love connecting local leaders with great ideas. A year later, we also looked at what had been implemented and provided our results in a 2017 Federal Report Card. There was significant progress but more to do to fully enable communities to act.

“Federal, provincial and territorial governments must do more to ensure local governments have the tools they need to engage Canadians, where they live, work and play, in the transition to a low carbon economy. I’d like to see measures that support energy democracy.” Karen Farbridge

Natural Resources Canada: Integrating Energy and Land Use Planning

We conducted research and provided input on how energy planning can be integrated into land use planning to accelerate the transiton to low carbon communities.